Video / Audio

Voyage to the Stars

Who says you can’t have fun learning while on vacation? Imagine being on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean and experiencing a sky show in a custom, inflatable planetarium, narrated by yours truly! Designed as a companion activity to actual star gazing during night skies at sea, this unique, immersive programming is a powerful tool for transporting viewers practically anywhere in the known universe.

Voyage to the Stars was conceived, developed and designed by Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates
Produced by GMC + A in collaboration with Princess Cruises, The Science Channel and Discovery Channel
Voice-over, music, and sound effects by Brave New Pictures, Inc.
Sky show programming by David Weigel
Spherical projection by Elumenati

The Irregular

WiseOwl Productions
Written and directed by Chad Cheatham
Actors: Lauren Koch, Dina Monk

Gilmore Girls

On-Camera at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Directed by Robert G. Anderson, Mark E. Fox
Actors: Dina Monk, Sara Costello