Southern Gothic at Windy City Playhouse (2018)

Dina was the Ellie Coutier/Lauren Lyon understudy from June to December 2018. Nominated for 6 Jeff Awards, including Best Play, Best Director, and Best Ensemble, Southern Gothic received standout reviews. Here are a couple of the most memorable reactions:

"It all works spectacularly well, mostly because every member of [David H.] Bell’s cast... commits utterly to naturalistic truth, and the audience thus buys the highly unusual set-up. ... Imagine going to see 'Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' and sitting on the couch next to Martha, matching her shot for shot, and you get the basic idea." - Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

"...[H]ere is uniform praise for the actors’ excellent performances, all of which would translate easily into any character written by Tennessee Williams. ...SOUTHERN GOTHIC is the kind of play that could easily develop a cult following..." - Elizabeth Ellis, Performink

"The skilled performances are impressively focused given that the audience is in such close proximity. All eight actors shine brightly (or vividly flame out in a supernova implosion) as needed." - Joe, Theatre Review At My Seat